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What is a Co-Working Space?

In this new era of workplaces, what does it all mean? Some choose virtual offices, some choose co-working spaces, and some prefer traditional standalone office space. What does it all mean, and which option is right for you?

Virtual office: A virtual office is a traditional office environment; the only difference being a virtual office is shared and limited. It follows the traditional way of thinking for an “office”: with a shared secretary/receptionist, phone, desk, file cabinets, mailing address and the ability to send and receive packages.

Co-working space: Co-working is a new way to work in a shared community. Work in an open space, use private rooms for meetings or phone calls, use your own cell phone, and do your own work…all of it. In most cases your entire work life is your laptop or other mobile device.

While each option has its benefits, you’ll have to see which is a better fit for you based on your immediate, and future, business needs. Do your research, and of course come by and check out our facility at Quantum Offices here in Miami.

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